October 28 2010

Alumni awards

Nothing tells the story of Athabasca University better than the success of students and alumni.
By Cathy Nickel

October 04 2010

A focus on quality

Prominent distance educators meet in Banff to discuss a new framework
By John O'Brien

October 28 2010

A beautiful future - Disha Sandhu

"What do I really want out of my career?"

By Eva von Buchenroder


October 28 2010

Someone to count on – Mike Stewart

Being there for everything and everyone

By Eva von Buchenroder


October 19 2010

Education with a little adventure – Matt Burnett

"the best thing that ever happened to me"

By Eva von Buchenroder


October 18 2010

New learning possibilities - Angela Batsford

... I wouldn't have been able to continue my studies
By Eva von Buchenroder

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